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Since 2004, Korea University Medical Center has invited some certain number of foreign clinical staff annually for Visiting Fellow Program in order to promote medical development and international exchange and cooperation.


  • Candidates with foreign nationality must be approved by the director of Korea University Medical Center for the Visiting Fellow Program. They are allowed to apply only for clinical fields, not for basic studies fields.
  • those who have obtained medical doctor's license or equivalent abroad
  • those who have obtained a Ph.D or equivalent in medical science-related fields abroad
  • those who can speak in Korean or English
  • those who are approved by the director of KUMC

Required No. of persons

  • Two for each institution annually, total eight (two each for 3 hospitals two for KUMC)

Program Duration

  • Maximum one year, may be adjusted if approved by the director of KUMC.

Details of Support

Financial Assistance

  • Amounts of support : 3 million wons(approx. US $ 3,000) annually per visiting researcher
  • Support type : paying the amounts to the organization in charge of the program
  • Other support : free meals at faculty dining room
  • Visitors must pay other expenses arising from program participation during their stay.

Administration Support

  • issuing visas for participants in the visiting fellow program.

Application Period

  • March / September
  • In case the required number of people do not apply for the program in the first half of the year, the very number of people will be selected additionally upon announcement(September) in the second half of the year.

Application Procedures

  • Application and admission are handled by the professor who recommended foreigners to KUMC or a related clinic.
  • In March every year, Visiting Fellow Program is announced through the internal notification of KUMC.
  • Applications are received by people who are in an advisor(KUMC) or chief or head professor status who recommended foreign clinic researchers(applications and attached documents must be submitted together)
  • Decision on final visitors through internal judgments of KUMC(confirmed by around May or June)

Required Documents

  • Recommending professors at KUMC or related clinics must gather all documents and then submit them when applying for visiting fellow program.
  • Documents for recommendation professors
    - Recommendation letter for foreign medical personnel for visiting fellow program, written by an advisor professor.
    - Training or research planning reports for foreign researchers written by an advisor professor.
  • Documents for applicants
    - Program Application form : Designated form by KUMC (Application for visiting fellow) download
    - Recommendation letter written by the director of institution where the candidate currently works.
    - Copies of licenses and other certifications : Medical diploma, doctor's license, a certificate of holding office, etc.
    - Physical examination report issued by a medical institution in their home-country, describing no physical problems on the applicant.
    - Other documents needed for the program : Research performance results and paper reference materials, documents for visa issue, etc.