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Operation Hours

  • If you wish to make an appointment, please call the center in advance at 02-920-5893. We will provide you with a direct referral to our clinic doctors or to hospital specialists as required.
Section Receiving hour Treatment hour
Weekdays 08:30~16:00 09:00~17:30
Saturday 08:30~11:00 09:00~12:00 (This time may be different for each medical dept)
Emergency center operates 24 hours without holidays.

step1 Reservation > step2 Reception > step3 Payment

Making an appointment

Making an appointment
Appointment by phone You can make an appointment through phone.(New and Revisits)
  • Hours : Weekdays 08:30~17:00, Saturday 12:00
  • Tel : 02-920-5893
  • Reservations desk phone : if you do visit, use the 13,14,15 section
Appointment by fax Write down your name, passport, cell phone(or contact phone), address, wish day, time, doctor, we will contact us.
  • FAX : 02-920-5770
Appointment by internet You can make an appointment through internet. (New and Revisits)
However, a Member of the Internet booking, the only one who signed up.
  • Internet Reservation : 02-920-5893
  • H : Internet-only booking counters Information

When the appointment date is fixed, the hospital sends SMS message to the client’s mobile phone on the day before the date.

Registration process

  1. Register at the Floor 3 Administration.(Office in the Lobby or the reception of the department which you want to visit.)
    • First visit(Filling out an application form and insurance relat-ed documents)
    • Revisit (Examination card, Insurance document and reservation receipt)
  2. Examination and treatment
  3. Hospitalization decision
  4. Hospitalization reservation process
  5. Pay the bill at the Floor 3 Administration office
  6. Obtain outpatient prescription
  7. Buy drugs (You can buy the medicine at a pharmacy outside the hospital)
  8. Examination reservation
  • For more detailed medical care and communication for foreign patients, a medical checklist is used to understand the health status of patient before visiting a physician.
  • It would be a great help if you fill out the medical checklist before visiting.



  • Health insurance patients : When the Administration office to offer health insurance and apply for it.
  • If you are not health insurance patient, you need the type of medical treatment in general. (In this case, more expensive than health insurance)

Canceling the reservation

  • If you want to cancel your reservation, delay or cancel to visit doctor, please call us one day before the date.

English papers issued

  • Certificate issued in English : Request at appropriate department.
  • English outpatient receipts issued : Administration office (no. 16 service window)
  • English receipts issued discharge : Administration office (no. 6-7 service window)
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