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The Korea University Medical Center appreciates your opinions (including complaints and gratitude) to enhance the services offered to our patients/customers.

This form is primarily for international patients, health providers, institutions and companies. If you are a resident of the Korea and need a medical appointment, please visit For other inquiries, visit


  • Advertisements and abusive letters will not be answered.
  • We will respond to your comments/suggestions by email or phone

We cannot respond to your medical problems through the website.

Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement

  • The Korea University Anam Hospital will collect and use the following personal information in order to properly manage complaints, suggestions and compliments of the patients and visitors so that we can improve our services.
  • 1. Purpose of collecting and storing personal information :
  • Improvement of services : To receive feed-backs from patients and others, including compliments, suggestions or complaints to improve services.
  • 2. personal information to be collected and stored : Last name, First name, e-mail address, telephone number
  • 3. Period (Data Retention Time)
  • The collected personal information will be kept safe and secure for 5 years. Electronic documents shall be saved with data encryption and under other protection.
  • 4. Restricted participation
  • You have the rights to refuse to agree with the collection and usage of your personal information. However, you may be rejected from participating in customer service improvement if you disagree.
  • I fully understand the contents of the above agreement and consent for Korea University Anam Hospital to collect my personal information.
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