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Anam Hospital has the following policies in place to provide medical services and benefits for foreign patients who are not covered by the National Health Insurance.

We apply charges commensurate with those covered by National Health Insurance in calculating medical expenses for foreigners who submit "Medical service request of foreigner-exclusive hospital".

We apply general charges when foreigners cannot submit "Medical service request of foreigner-exclusive hospital".

  • If foreigners want the benefits, they have to submit the medical request. A medical request of general primary or secondary medical facility is not accepted.
  • Nearby foreigner-exclusive hospital :
    Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Tel 02-863-9966

  • National Health Insurance medical charges (100%) are announced by Ministry of Health and Welfare every year and bases of calculating medical expenses. They are lower than general charges.
  • We also apply National Health Insurance charges for Korean nationalities in nations which have a medical cooperation agreement with the hospital when they submit ID card (passport, residence certificate, etc.).
  • Nations with medical cooperation agreements with the hospital(area)
  • USA (New York, Washington, Guam, North California, South California, New England), Canada (Vancouver), UK, Japan, Australia, The Netherlands, China (Hong Kong), New Zealand, Singapore
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