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In line with era of globalization, we offer various benefits to overseas Koreans, theispouses, and immediate families when they come to Korea and have the comprehensive health checkups and ambulatory care service in accordance with the agreements with the Korean associations in each nation.


  1. The Korean association sends an appropriate request.
  2. Customer Service Team receives the request.
  3. A proper medical department receives and books it.
  4. Diagnosis
  5. Hospitalization (if necessary)
  • Contact for reservation (Customer Service Team)
  • Confirmation : Chairman of Alumni Association in New England, Holder of certificate by Chairman of Korean Association
  • Booking : Use telephone and fax numbers of customer service teams in three affiliated hospitals and External Cooperation Team
  • Reception -> Diagnosis -> Payment -> Issue of prescription -> Medication (Assistance by responsible staffs)
  • Hospitalization (if necessary) : Give a priority for a hospital room (Cooperation with Medical Affairs Team of each hospital)

Ambulatory Care

  • A patient is first interviewed by Customer Service Team and uses an appropriate reception desk. (Needs cooperation of Medical Affairs Teams)

Admission to Emergency Center

  • Physicians at the center and staff on night shift should cooperate.

Necessary documents

  • Certificate issued by Chairmen of Alumni Associations or Korean Associations
  • Certificate of Alumnae or Certificate of Residence
  • Overseas Korean registration certificate
  • Other documents that prove the status of Korea University alumnae or overseas Korean resident


  • Diseases covered by National Health Insurance: Apply 100% of charges (including all patient's burden and selective care)
  • Depending on diseases, the difference between national insurance charges and general charges is large therefore, patients are expected to greatly benefit.
  • Diseases not covered by National Health Insurance Alumni (20% discount of from general charges), Others: Immediate families or spouses of alumni, overseas Korean residents (10% discount of general charges)
  • Health checkup: Alumni: 30% discount (Including spouses and immediate families), Overseas Korean residents: 10% discount

Nations and cities with agreements(As of June 25 2007)

  • The Philippines, Vancouver (Canada), Hong Kong, Sydney (Australia), Japan, Singapore, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Bangladesh, UK
  • USA : Washington DC, North California, South California, New England, Guam, Hawaii, New York, Dallas
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