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Social works

Sharing, voluntary service and practice of love for the marginalized social calsses at home and abroad

In the hospitals, there are many patients and families in need of assistances from social workers like those who suffer from chronic or acute diseases,
have social difficulties, cannot afford the treatment due to financial difficulties, cannot set up plans after discharged, or have no information on
social welfare though they want them.

Korea University Medical Center Medical Social Work Programs help patients deal with their problems through specialized counseling based on cooperations
with medical professionals when they have difficulties in getting treatment, recovery and prevention due to social and financial obstacles.
The Programs also support for the patients to settle down at their home and community after being discharged.

The social workers at the Medical Social Work Programs are fully committed to putting into action one of core values, 'Sharing and voluntary service
for the marginalized social classes at home and abroad' through the voluntary services, social contributions and voluntary medical services, not to mention
specialized counseling.

Major activities

Social work counseling

  • We provide the following counseling services for patients and their families in regard with psychological, social and financial problems they will confront during treatment.
  • Cancer patients and hospice patients
  • Rehabilitation of patients with stroke or spine injury
  • Physically challenged children or children with incurable, rare diseases
  • Diabetics (children)
  • Organ transplant
  • Single mothers and adoption
  • Counseling for abuse (children, senior citizens, women)
  • Patients with dialysis
  • Alcoholics
  • Patients with HIV

Financial supports

  • We provide financial supports for patients who cannot afford the treatments through the counseling and evaluation in connection with outside sponsors.

Guidance to Social Welfare

  • We offer various information on National 국민기초생활보장제도, 장애인등록제도, 직업재활정보, qualifications, and application process.

Local community facilities

  • We help discharged patients get assistances and supports from other hospitals, rehabilitation centers, hospice hospitals, adoption agencies, shelters for single mothers, free-caring service providers, or psychiatric social rehabilitation facilities whatever they need.

Group programs and education

  • We provide group or individual education programs such as education for diabetics, camps for child diabetics, social skill training programs for mentally challenged persons, and education for cancer patients

How to use

  • Patients or family members who want such assistance contact our medical professionals or Medical Social Work Programs. After booking for counseling, they can have counseling with Medical social workers by specialty.

    1. Request counseling : Patients, families, medical professionals
    2. Identify a problem : Searching for information
    3. Evaluation by social workers
    4. Specialized counseling and intervention : counseling with psychologists, family counseling, social rehabilitation training/counseling, etc.
    5. Counseling and interventional evaluation : counseling with psychologists, family counseling, social rehabilitation training/counseling, etc.
  • - Anam Hospital Medical Social Work Programs : 02-920-5849, 5896
  • - Guro Hospital Medical Social Work Programs : 02-2626-1326-8
  • - Ansan Hospital Medical Social Work Programs : 031-412-5433, 6708